Hello, welcome to the world of Crickster. Crickster is the flagship product of Blame Game Production, our home where we work hours everyday to bring amazing products for our customers worldwide.

Crickster is a unique, fun and educational game for the whole family.

Crickster is the first Cricket Board game around the world. You will enjoy the challenge of gameplay and the cricketing history through our very special ‘Rewind’ feature. Strategy will come into the gameplay when you use the various strengths available to secure your wickets.

Crickster further augments your experience in form of mobile app that gives you the chance to play with your friends and family over the internet. The app has tournament features and very soon we will be rolling out real world prizes in it too.

We thank you for your patronage and as a Pakistani to a Pakistanis we would request you to help us in spreading the word around about our game.

Happy Playing!

Team Crickster TM